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Lock Repair & Installation: Here is what you need to know

Do you think lockouts are something that only happens to others? Well, think again. Emergency lockouts are a common problem faced by users of manual locks and other locking mechanisms. These account for a high percentage of lock maintenance issues and can lead to dangerous situations in the long run. Luckily, there are plenty of ways to prevent or reduce the risk of an emergency lockout. 

What Is an Emergency Lockout?

An emergency lockout occurs when someone tries to open a lock, and the lock does not respond, even after attempting to open it with a key or combination. These types of lockouts can happen for a variety of reasons. You might forget the combination or the key code that opens the lock. Or, you may misplace the keys themselves. It’s important to note that emergency lockouts don’t only occur with doors. You can also experience a lockout with drawers, cabinets, or any other type of locking mechanism. 

Types of Emergency Lockouts

To respond to a lockout situation, first, you must learn about types of emergency lockouts and the reasons that cause them. Here are the main types of emergency lockouts:

Auto lockouts

    • A malfunctioning alarm system can set off an alarm if it thinks someone is attempting unauthorized entry into the vehicle leading to locked doors. This could be due to broken glass or other damage from weather conditions such as rain or snow. Still, it could also be due to something as simple as a child accidentally pressing the button for an interior light that triggers the system.


    • Another cause for an auto lockout is tampering with the lock on the car door or trunk. If someone tampers with this lock, they can make it difficult or impossible for others to open the car door.


    • Finally, there can be some mechanical failure, usually related to the locking mechanism itself. This could be something as simple as rust on a keyhole cover plate or a faulty mechanical lock that gets stuck or jammed behind its intended working range (the pivot point of the opening).


In case of an auto lockout, you would need an automotive locksmith with the appropriate tools and skills to open your car locks and perform necessary repairs.

Home lockouts

  • You can forget the combination of a padlock, combination lock, or other manual locks. If you don’t write it down, you risk forgetting it over time. You can prevent this by recording the combination and writing it down in a secure place.

  • The most common cause of home lockout is a lost or misplaced key. The best way to deal with this is to have a spare key in a safe place.

  • Home lockouts can easily happen because of an old, rusty, or faulty lock that gets jammed and needs to be repaired or replaced.

In case of a home lockout, you need a trustworthy residential locksmith because you want to hire someone you can trust with your home security.

Business lockouts

  • In a business environment, keys are a common source of lockouts. This can happen when you lose a key or when someone steals it. You can use smart, biometric, or electronic locks to prevent these situations.

  • The most common cause of a business lockout is human error. This can happen if you make a mistake while locking or unlocking a door. You may also miscode the lock or forget the code. To avoid these situations, follow proper lock maintenance procedures and keep track of your code.

  • The doors or the locks might need some well-needed maintenance, as old and rusty door locks can easily get jammed.

In case of a business lockout, you need a responsive commercial locksmith who can respond quickly and make your business place accessible to you again.

Avoiding Common Lockout Mistakes

There are a few mistakes you can avoid to reduce the risk of an emergency lockout:
  • First, make sure you understand how the locking mechanism works. For example, if it’s a combination lock, you should know the proper way to set the code.

  • You should manage the code properly if you use a manual lock with a code. You should write the code down in a secure place and change it regularly. You should also share the code with the right people. Never share the code with people who don’t need it.

  • Maintaining your locks is one of the best ways to prevent lockouts. Make sure you clean them regularly to prevent rust and other buildups. It would be best if you also replaced old locks every few years. New locks have newer technology that’s more reliable and secure.

Are you feeling more prepared to deal with an emergency lockout? These types of lockouts are a common problem and can happen to anyone. Luckily, if you need a locksmith in Baltimore to fix all your lock-related problems, you can contact
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Lock Repair & Installation: Here is what you need to know

We’re all aware that home security is a major concern these days. There are so many different aspects to consider when considering making your home more secure, and there are solutions for just about every budget and need. Getting a lock repair or installation service is one of the most affordable and accessible methods of keeping your belongings safe. From deadbolts to keyless entry systems, many different lock types are available today that specifically target a certain level of security. No matter what type you have now, it’s important to know how to install a new lock system and how to repair broken locks if you find yourself in that unfortunate situation. 

It is always advised that you should get lock repair and installation services from a professional locksmith.

Finding the right locksmith for Lock installation and repair service

You’ll need to find a locksmith to help with installation, extra keys (where applicable), and any other lock-related issues that may arise. Finding the right locksmith can be tricky, and there are several factors to consider when choosing one. A good starting point is to see if there are any locksmiths in your area with online reviews or testimonials from previous customers. You can usually find this information on the company’s website. Other major factors involve checking if the company is properly certified or licensed, finding out if they are providing the right services you need, and ensuring their services are within your budget. You can find further details on how to find the right locksmith blog (attach the link to the blog).  

How to decide which type of lock should be selected for installation?

It depends on what level of security you’re trying to create. If you want to protect against a break-in, you’ll want a lock that’s up to the challenge. If you want to protect against a smash-and-grab, you’ll want a lock that’s low-maintenance and low-cost. If you want to protect against break-ins and smash-and-grabs, you’ll want a secure lock and low-maintenance lock. The first thing you can do to narrow down your selection is to look at your current lock system. Look for any markings or writing on the lock that will indicate the level of security it provides. If nothing is written on the lock, consult a professional locksmith, and they will surely guide you better.


How to decide between new lock installation and lock repair?

Replacing a single part in your lock system may be cheaper and more effective than repairing your existing lock. If you’re replacing a key part of the system, such as a faulty switch, you may decide to do an installation. If you’re replacing an entire lock system and it’s an old one, you might want to install a new system. If you want a higher level of security than your current lock, you’ll probably want to go with a new installation. If the locks available for installation within your budget have a lower level of security than the one you have now, then you’ll probably want to go with a repair.

Why lock installation and repairing should always be left for the experts to do it?

You might think you can save some bucks by installing a lock, but you could set yourself up for much trouble in the future. If you don’t know what you’re doing, you could damage your walls and door frame by installing a new lock. You could also cause damage to your lock when installing it, leaving you vulnerable to break-ins and smash-and-grabs in the future.


The first step in protecting your home and family is installing a quality lock system. But many other lock-related factors contribute to your safety. To fulfill all these factors, you’ll need reliable locksmith services. provides all you need from a locksmith service. Check out our website to know more.   

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Do you need locksmith services in Maryland? Or do you have any relevant questions you want to ask? In any case, please feel free to contact us now.

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We provide affordable locksmith services all over Maryland. You can get our professional services at amazing prices right now